Organic Produce

Four distinct seasons mean a wide variety of crops and harvests over the course of a year. We’re always trying out new crops, varieties and methods, but below you’ll find some of our regular favorites.

In the chill of late January, we start seeds for our spring and summer crops in our greenhouse.  As the days get warmer, watercress, leeks, onions, herbs and flowers help welcome the spring, along with cole crops of all varieties.

Blueberries – Summer 2006

Summer days bring an abundance of collards, kale and other specialty greens, summer squashcucumbers, a range of tomatoespeppersblueberries, raspberries and many, many more.  We preserve many of these fruits and vegetables to savor some of the goodness that comes from the long days of sunshine.

As the days grow shorter, we harvest fall greens, winter squash, potatoes and the last of the tomatoes and peppersWatercress also makes an encore appearance in the cool days of fall.

Winter: In November we trade our farming caps for Christmas hats and get organized for wreath and greenery making.  Each year brings back former customers, old friends, and happily, new friends and customers.  We cut greenery from our standing Fraser Fir and White Pine trees, and fashion beautiful and fragrant wreaths and centerpieces.

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